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Our Superior Technology

Switched Network: Our network is 100% switched rather than routed. With a hub, packet loss is more likely. Your benefit: Your server will be more reliable, secure and faster. Have a look at what one of our data centers looks like by looking at the picture gallery. Also, why don't you have a look at live webcams of our data center 6 facility.

Multiple Direct Connections to Internet back bone: Three full fiber optic T3's to multiple redundant and diverse backbones (UUnet, C&W, and Sprint), with additional redundancy / diversity from dual building entry points and multi-homed central office provisioning. BGP4 protocol monitors backbone performance and automatically sends IP traffic down the shortest path.

Your benefit: Your server will have optimal bandwidth and redundancy.

Load Balancing
Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP4): This balances load amongst different carriers and enables the load to be switched seamlessly and instantly. The traffic can be rerouted if network experiences backlog or if a provider's network goes down.

Your benefit: Your server will function as normal even in the case of backlog.

Server Space
Environmentally controlled rack space: Climate-controlled computer room with diesel generator backup. 110 or 220 VAC Power, UPS, diesel generator backup. Fire Sprinkler System, Halon with water backup. Raised floors. Secured 19" enclosed (front and rear) equipment cabinets. Your benefit: Your server will be placed in first class environment (Class A data center).

Maximum server protection: 7 x 24 x 365 on-site security patrol. Access restrictions to all parts of the facility. Closed circuit monitoring.

Your benefit: Your server will be protected.

Pictures of one of our data centers

All of the data servers are almost the same with similar features. Are servers groups are situated all over the globe in 6 different world-class data centers.
We assure you that your websites are safe with us. If there are any problems and you are not happy with the service, you will be refunded without any problems.