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Let our wizard help you choose the correct hosting package for your company. Simply answer a few questions and Abracadabra... you will be provided with the best solution for your business.

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Run a professional online store promoting up to 100,000 products. We bundle easy checkout and real-time credit card processing already working together,it's never been easier!
We bundle in the shopping cart and credit card processing - all with no programming effort on your part.

Have a look at the step by step guide to start selling products and services on your website. Have a look at how easy we make it for you:

1. Order a shopping cart enabled web package here. To have a look at our packages, click here.

2. Order your credit card merchant account (If you do not have it already) from one of the credit card processing providers.     (Including, Verisign Payflow, Echo Online, BluePay, CardService LinkPoint, Iongate, and Paypal).
    We will order it for you if you wish and do not want all the extra hassles.

3. Design your site and link into the shopping cart online software for items you want to sell.(The obvious factors: your ecommerce site should be good looking, fast loading, easy to navigate). We will also setup your shopping cart for you. All you have to do is put in the products and descriptions / categories etc. If you do not have the time, we charge R80/hr to data capture all your items onto the database. If you have the correct structure for the database, in some cases we can import the entire product catalogue onto the online shopping cart for you.

4. Give your customers confidence in your site and shopping cart using affiliations with links to organizations like:

5. Optimize your site for search engines and submit it. Export your shop items to the Froogle Feeds format and submit your shop items to Also, promote site using pay per click listings from,

6. Set your shopping cart to ask them if they want to subscribe to your newsletter. Then keep in touch using our built in
newsletter function!

7. Sell some of your items on sites like and Use your follow-up emails, and inserts with the product to let them know about your site.

8. When a customer orders, you will receive a notification and will then be able to log into your shopping cart control panel to  read the credit card information and complete order securely from a password protected SSL secure page.

Credit cards can be processed manually using your existing credit card terminal or our shopping cart set up to use an online   gateway for real time credit card processing.

Costs Involved

There is no setup fee involved whatsoever.
There is a small monthly charge of R90 a month.
There are no extra charges if you use selected payment gateways. They only charge commission.
Please contact us for advice on which payment gateways we recommend and how they work.

Remember, we handle everything for you. You hardly have to lift a finger. Yet you are in full control and have full access to your shopping cart and payment gateways.

Let us know if there is anything you are not sure of by filling in the contact form.